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How Has The Space Program Progressed?

Abstract: 6 pages in length. Inasmuch as the space program started out as more of a competition between nations, it has blossomed into its own fruition. Originally a quest to attain first bragging rights with regard to space exploration, the program began as the result of a rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States around the time of the Cold War. At that time, there was no way America was going to be outdone by the Soviets when it came to space exploration; because of the United States' steadfastness to achieve greater success, the space program was implemented in full swing. What has come from such intense dedication can fill a multi-volume collection, from all the positive and wonderful aspects to all the regretful and unfavorable events. The writer discusses how the world has gained much knowledge about what exists beyond this planet through the explorations of the space program, an adventure that might not have otherwise come into existence if it were not for the inherent desire to be the best. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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Pages: 6

Catagory: Anatomy & Physiology

Subcatagory: Sciences

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