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Abstract: A 25 page paper discussing art films and commercial films. Commercial films are described as films which most of the public has access to. They are films which are designed to entertain and uplift. They are also offer a major escape from daily reality. The art film is usually a thought provoking, and often disturbing, piece of work which is not normally available to most of the public. The art films discussed in the paper are easily recognizable in order to enable the reader to better understand the differences. They are films designed to address some concern or reality and are not necessarily hopeful or uplifting. This appear discusses the characters, scenes, plots, public opinion, and realities which are involved in both forms of film. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

Filename: Film.wps

Pages: 25

Catagory: Film & Television

Subcatagory: Music, Film, Television, Theater & Photography

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