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Academic papers on Environmental Issues & Ecology

Rainforest Depletion -- A Man-Made Problem
A 6 page paper on the issue of the depletion of the rainforest in Malaysia, Africa, and South America. The writer provides background on the ecological implications of rainforest destruction, and focuses on the economic reasons the forests have come...
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The Brazilian Rainforest
A 6 page overview of the environmental importance of the Brazilian Rainforest and its status as a world 'hot spot' for environmental destruction. Identifies logging and agricultural activities as the primary impacts to the rainforests and outlines...
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Depletion of Grasslands
A 10 page paper that explores the issue around the depletion of grassland in the United States. The writer argues that the answer to the problem was identified in a study conducted in the Middle America (Jornado Project), and that that resolution is...
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Utah Wilderness
This 3 page report gives a very brief overview of the controversy surrounding the Utah wilderness issue. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Controlled Burns / Implications Of Fire As A Management Tool To Aspen (Populus Tremuloides) & Associated Rangelands
A 12 page exploration of the role of fire in ecological management. Particular emphasis is placed on the effects of fire on Aspen trees and their associated rangeland. Bibliography lists twelve sources.
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Minimalizing The Effects Of 'Environmental Management' On Wilderness
A 5 page page paper discussing the impact of environmental management on wilderness areas and the integrity of wilderness. Bibliography lists eight sources.
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Plant Pharmacopoeia / Rainforest Depletion & Its Impact On Medicine
A 6 page paper in which the writer discusses deforestation as a threat to medicinal plants and the protective measures employed by various groups; and a discussion of eleven (recently discovered) plants and/or their medical derivitives, including...
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Yellowstone National Park / Peoples' Respect For Nature
An 11 page, historical overview of Yellowstone National Park. The writer discusses tribes that once inhabited the area, how public interest grew as the result of a 19th century mining expedition, and how preservation of the park has evidenced our...
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Coal Mining & Appalachia -- Creating a New World
An 8 page paper on past history of coal mining/strip-mining and damage done to the land. This piece discusses the entrance of people all over globe, and how that community is rallying to 'live at home' and 'fix the land.' The people and...
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Coal Mining Destruction
A 7 page paper discussing surface mining. Surface mining used to be more commonly known as strip mining, and the first law requiring environmental restoration of the land after the completion of a strip mining operation was passed 20 years ago. ...
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Helicopters and Firefighting
A 10 page paper that discusses the use of helicopters in fire fighting efforts, both in urban settings and in wildland areas. The regular use of helicopters has increased the need for new technologies and increased training to meet the requirements...
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Pre-Fire Planning
5 pages in length. Inasmuch as fires occur when people are least prepared, there are a number of precautions to take as a means by which to avert such a tragedy from happening. Each town's local fire department works hard to educated the community...
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Acid Rain
This 6 page paper addresses the problem of acid rain. The environmental effects are discussed as well as the amount of attention society pays to the dilemma. The paper takes the position that acid rain is detrimental to the future environment and...
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Acid Rain / Causes & Effects
A 4 page research paper investigating different aspects of the global problem of acid rain. Includes the definition of acid rain, the fact that it reaches the earth in both wet and dry forms, the devastating effects across the world, the degree of...
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Effects Of Acid Rain On Mid-Atlantic Trout Fishing
A 7 page paper on trout fishing in the mid-Atlantic region. For years, the practice has played a vital role in the area's economy but man's own abuses have severely damaged the environment and killed off a significant amount of fish. The writer...
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