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A Speech Based on the Literary Style of Anna Sewell's Novel, "Black Beauty"
A 3 page paper which creates an animal fable type speech based on the literary style of Anna Sewell's novel, "Black Beauty," which includes types of words and sentences favored by the author, an integration of the author's philosophical and moral...
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Advancement in Knowledge or in Foolishness?
This 5 page report discusses the idea that humanity has advanced over the past 500 years, if one considers the issue purely from the point of technological advancement. However, knowledge can and should be seen as a constant balancing act...
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Writing Strategies in Julius Caesar
5 pages in length. Gives examples of six strategies of writing including the interest device, thesis, topic sentence, unity of paragraphs, transitions and conclusion. Also included in this analysis of Julius Caesar are the methods used in...
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Classifications of People Based On What They Do
A 5 page paper which examines how people are classified in categories of what they do, and what they represent, explaining support characteristics of each used to define them. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Using Lessons in Life as Portals to Prayer - A Reflection of Joseph F. Schmidt's Praying Our Experiences
A 5 page paper that presents a reflection of Joseph F. Schmidt's Praying Our Experiences written in the third person narrative style. Included are tutorial notes and suggestions on how this paper may be written in the first person voice or style. ...
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Identifiying Three Species of Rails, Rallus Species
A 5 page exercise in converting lists of facts to readable, continuous prose. This paper uses a field guide's description of three rails, which are marsh birds native to various areas of the US. The paper incorporates physical identification...
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A Time of Change
This 6 page paper is an example of creative writing drawn from personal experience. It tells the story of a ten year old girl who is going to have a baby sister. The event, at first, brings joy and expectation, but changes into jealousy and...
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An 1842 Consultant's Report on New York Public School Issues
A 7 page paper examining the issues facing the Public School Society in 1842, specifically what to do with the Catholic portion of New York City's population. Written to Governor Seward, the paper identifies alternatives available, discusses the...
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Teaching Short Story Writing within an Elementary School Framework.
(4 pp) Today, we think of teaching writing as a process of "scaffolding'" or supporting children's language development in ways that broaden the writer's expressive possibilities, deepen his/her understanding of written language and text,...
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An Observational Study
This 3 page tutorial provides an example of how an observational study might be done .This example involves a shopping mall. No Bibliography.
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Finding a Mate -- The Process of Kissing Toads in Search of a Prince
This 5 page report discusses finding a mate and a process analysis that outlines the purposes and goals associated with actions related to finding a mate. There can be little argument that the process of finding a mate is a highly subjective...
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Biological Evidence Regarding Homosexuality and a Personal Experience Regarding Racism
This 6 page report discusses two specific topics in essay form. First is the review of issues brought up in a 1994 article titled
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Evaluation of a Newspaper Editorial
This 5 page report discusses and evaluates an editorial published in The Arizona Republic (9/9/98) regarding one woman
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Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror - John Ashberry (1976)
(5 pp) John Ashbery is the only American poet to win all three major annual literary prizes - the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the National Book Award - for one book Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror. This is...
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Eulogy for Romeo.
(5 pp) I, Benvolio, cousin of Romeo, am honored and indeed saddened to be the speaker, who has been chosen to say goodbye to our dear one, struck down early in his youth. I welcome you all to this sad place, and hope that what I have to...
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