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Plant Physiology, Morphology and Ecology in the Sonoran and Saharan Desert: A Comparison
This 5 page paper provides a detailed description comparing plant physiology, morphology, and ecology of plants of two regions: Sonoran and Sahara Deserts. This paper provides some generalized information on desert conditions and plant physiology...
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Genetic Analysis Of A Short-Petjolule Type Soybean
5 pages in length. In this particular scientific analysis, the researchers sought to either prove or disprove the incidence of short-petjolule type soybean plants relative to that of a recessive gene that exists within the hereditary composition. ...
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Alfalfa and 'Yellow Rocket' (Barbarea vulgaris)
This 6 page report discusses the interaction between alfalfa crops and a common weed. The weed chosen for examination is Barbarea vulgaris, most commonly known as 'yellow rocket.' Yellow rocket is usually biennial or perennial with some plants...
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Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Germination of Erigeron Species
A 15 page scientific report regarding the germination rates of two species of fleabanes, Oregon fleabane (Erigeron speciosus) and Piper's Daisy (Erigeron piperianus). Provides information regarding the distribution and ecologies of the two species,...
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The Bartrams / A Special View of Nature
a 4 page research paper that looks at Thomas P. Slaughter's account of the lives of John and William Bartram--father and son, they were two of America's first horticulturists and botanists. Ahead of their times in many ways, the writer shows that...
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Temperature Regulation in Animals
A 5 page review of thermoregulation in animals. Discusses the differences between ectothermia and endothermia in reptiles, fish, mammals and birds. Discusses animals classified as poikilothermic, having a body temperature which fluctuates widely,...
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Bat Echolocation: The Perception of Distance and Depth Through the use of Sonar
This 4 page paper provides an overview of the basic elements of bat echolocation as an process that is separate from the auditory and visual receptive capabilities of other mammals. This paper considers the prevalent biological structures and other...
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Brood Parasitism Among the Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus): Genetic or Behavioral?
A 14 page literature review of brood parasitism among the common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). Explores the concept of whether genetic makeup determines host preference or if this phenomena is really a result of the mature bird seeking out habitat in...
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The Human Digestive System / Its Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Development
A 7 page exploration of the concepts of phylogeny and ontongeny in relation to the digesive system. Discusses the embryonic development of the digestive system and points out that, although it is possible that certain phases of our evolution are...
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Motor Executions And The Role Of The Central Nervous System
A 7 page overview of the role of the central nervous system in motor functions. Specific information is provided about such components of the central nervous system as the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, and neurons. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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The Process Of Osmosis
A 6 page overview of osmosis in the living organism and in industrial applications such as desalination, sewage treatment, and groundwater treatment. The term osmosis is used to denote the process by which liquids move through a semipermeable...
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Prey-Size Selection
An 8 page research paper on prey-size selection as it relates to spiders. A number of relevant concepts are examined including : aggressive mimicry, pirate spiders vs. web-invading araneophagic spiders, the role of mimetids, and more. Bibliography...
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Insect Adaptations, Disease, and Control
A 10 page overview of the insects, their benefits and adverse impacts to humans. Emphasis is placed on their status as disease vectors. Bibliography lists five sources.
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Proposal For Researching The Reproductive Patterns Of Armadillidium Vulgare (Pillbug)
A 5 page overview of Armadillidium vulgare, the pillbug. Includes a description of the organism and its habitat preferences. Discusses the reproductive patterns of the terrestrial isopod and presents a proposal for an experiment designed to...
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The Biology of and Current Research in Termites (Isoptera)
A 13 page paper discussing termites from ecological and research perspectives. Ubiquitous creatures, termites are found literally all over the world except in its coldest regions
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