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Academic papers on Holocaust Studies

"Survival in Auschwitz" by Primo Levi
A 5 page paper which examines Primo Levi's book "Survival in Auschwitz" and discusses how the prisoners survived, the German's plans for destruction of people, the ability of Levi to survive and his guilt at surviving. No additional sources...
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Victor Klemperer
This 5 page report discusses the daily life of one German man in Germany, Victor Klemperer, in the years lead to and during the years of World War II. Klemperer was born into a Jewish family but converted to Christianity at a young age. He...
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Role of Ordinary Germans in Holocaust
A 40 page research paper that discusses in detail the theories that have been formulated to explain the participation of the ordinary German soldier in the Holocaust, the extent of this participation and the possible reasons that have been proposed...
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Hitler And The Holocaust
9 pages in length. Hitler firmly believed that the white race was created to dominate over all others. In an attempt to annihilate those considered unworthy of such privileges afforded only to Caucasians, Hitler proceeded to extinguish anyone who...
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Nazi persecution of homosexuals
A six page paper which looks at the revisionist history work, The Pink Swastika, and other issues surrounding the relationship of the Nazi regime to homosexuality. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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The Holocaust and its Effect on the Jewish Community
9 pages. This analytical paper will answer the question: In what ways did the Holocaust unite or divide the Jewish community? This question undoubtedly evokes innumerable responses from society in general, but within these pages we analyze a number...
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This paper examines the reasons why the Nazi party, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s and 1940s, saw fit to exterminate Jews from Germany and other provinces, a plan called "The Final Solution." While the paper does examines...
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Hitler after 1923
A paper which looks at the way in which Hitler changed his political strategies after the failed putsch of 1923, and the use which he made of propaganda combined with state terrorism to achieve his aims. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Andre Schwarz-Bart's "The Last Of The Just"
6 pages in length. Andre Schwarz-Bart's "The Last of the Just: A Novel" eloquently and sensitively spells out the historical struggles Jews have faced throughout the centuries. Presented as neither a cult of martyrdom nor a collection of religious...
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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising:
This 5 page paper discusses the uprising of the Jews. Also discussed are similarities between this event and the biblical story of David and Goliath. Bibliogrpahy lists 5 sources.
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The World of Yesterday: The Golden Age
A five page paper which looks at the Golden Age of the Austrian empire, as described in Zweig's The World of Yesterday, and considers the effect which Nazism and the World Wars had on Austrian culture, and the Jews in particular.
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Hitler's Plan to Destroy All Non-Aryans:
This 14 page paper discusses how and why Hitler wanted to destroy all non-Aryans. Furthermore, this paper reveals that not just Jews were victims but other people and nationalities as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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How Might Freud Explain The Events Depicted In Primo Levi
5 pages in length. Freud
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Heinrich Boll/ Billiards at half-past nine
This 5 page paper talks about Heinrich Boll's novel 'Billiards at half-past Nine,' --- it gives a character sketch on the main character in the novel, Robert Faehmel. This paper has one source cited.
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The Medical Experiments of the Nazi
This 6 page paper considers what medical research was undertaken on unwilling victims by the Nazi
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