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Active Volcanoes On The Planet Venus
A 2 page paper on findings from the early 1990's which show a number of geologic activities on the Earth's "twin" planet Venus,-- including live volcanoes and dramatic faulting. It is concluded that while the "case" of active volcanoes on Venus has...
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Sun Spots & Scientific Controversy
A 5 page definitonal overview of what sun spots are, how they are formed, etc; The writer is particularly concerned with what sun spots say about the future..Some scientists have initiated great controversy by bringing up issues concerning their...
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Supernovas -- Stars On Their Death Bed
This 6 page research paper describes the phenomenon of supernova, their various types, and occurrences. Research concerning particular supernovas (1987a, 1993j, etc;) is presented and the specific processes as we understand them thus far are...
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An 11 page discussion of quasars. Defines quasar and discusses their relevance to the galaxies in which they exist. Discusses astronomical theory and the methodologies such as red shift and gravitational lens' used to quantify various aspects of...
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(The) First Reasonable Theory That Planets Exist in other Solar Systems
A brief 2 page report on findings from 1992. 2 sources listed in bibliography. Good for those studying issues, events, and/or controversy within astronomy.
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(The) Apollo Space Program
13 pages on the Apollo Space Program; Its mission, success & failures etc; Specifically covered are Apollo I, VIII, IX, & XIII. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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Tycho Brahe / Danish Astronomer
A 6 page research paper that traces the life and contributions of the famous Sixteenth Century Astronomer. Brahe's scientific works gained him recognition in his own time as well as a permanent place in history. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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Galileo Galelei and the Heliocentric Model
10 pages in length. A discussion of the life and works of Galileo and the religious controversy that surrounded his heliocentric model. Galileo was among the first to suggest that the planets revolved around the sun and not around the Earth. The...
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Galileo Galilei - His Impact On Our Lives Today
A 7 page paper on the Renaissance mathematician, scientist and inventor which examines his legacy to us as we live in a modern world influenced by the scientific perspectives and methods he espoused during his life. Current applications of...
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Turmoil Created By The Heliocentric Theory
A 9 page history of the turmoil created by the revelation of the heliocentric theory by Copernicus, Keppler and Galileo in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Bibliography lists nine sources.
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Carl Sagan's 'The Demon-Haunted World -- Science As A Candle In The Dark'
A 5 page paper in which the writer provides an overview of Sagan's book. Demon-Haunted World challenges many of theories formed from developments in science and technology regarding space travel and the presence of life from other worlds. The paper...
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Zubrin & Wagner / The Case for Mars -- Settling the Red Planet
A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Zubrin & Wagner's book which examines the importance of Mars exploration. The writer demonstrates the applicability of their work in science and technology and demonstrates why it is important to the...
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A 7 page paper discussing sputnik. The history of sputnik is discussed, which involves the various effects and influences the launching of this satellite had upon the general condition of te American people. The race in space was, for all purposes,...
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The Probability of Intelligent Life Forms on Other Planets
In 5 pages the author discusses the probability of intelligent life forms on other plants around other stars. When one considers the "alien life form" concept, it is generally in a humorous or scary way as portrayed in the great number of sci-fi...
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Are Pesticides More Dangerous To Reproduction When Found in Pairs?
A 4 page critique of an article reporting a possible synergistic effect of certain chemicals on mammalian reproduction. Bibliography lists two sources.
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