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Innovation in Intellectual Capital and the Internet
This 176 page paper considers the way in which the Internet and intellectual capital has developed. The hypothesis is that the development has be lead by consumers and end users rather than being developed and then adopted. This can be seen right...
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A Career in Computer Networking
This 5 page paper provides an overview of the basic elements related to pursuing a career in computer networking, and assesses the current research as it reflects a specific view of this career path. This paper also considers the author's...
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The Principles of Public Speaking
A 10-page paper that examines the four simple and basic principles that form the framework of popular and effective public speech. Defined and discussed are audience analysis, preparation & organization, articulation, projection & animation, and...
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"When Smart People Fail"
A 5 page paper which discusses the first three sections of Carole Hyatt and Linda Gottlieb's book, "When Smart People Fail." These sections illustrate what failure truly is, and what it truly is not. They provide definitions and explanations of...
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Men In Nursing
A 5 page paper. Nursing has historically been perceived as a female profession but this is an inaccurate perception. Prior to Florence Nightingale, males dominated this profession. This paper provides some statistics about the proportion of nurses...
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Leadership Alignment: "Gandhi" and "Saving Private Ryan."
(10 pp)This paper compares and contrasts two movies, "Gandhi" and "Saving Private Ryan" In each of these films we will be looking at leadership tendencies and how they may be translated into broader areas such as the field of health care,...
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Letter Of Intent: Health Sciences
This 5 page paper provides a step by step instruction on writing a letter of intent for a graduate school in Health Sciences, with an emphasis on community health and epidemiology. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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The Use of Passive in Russian
This 5 page paper considers the use of passive language in Russian. The use of passive language occurs in many languages and assessments of the impact of the use of the passive in Russian provides some insight into specific elements of the...
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Nurses: Shortage And Job Satisfaction
A 6 page paper. There is a shortage of working registered nurses that will become critical within the next ten years. This essay discusses the reasons for the shortage. It also discusses the factors that are associated with job satisfaction within...
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Career in Physical Therapy
A 5 page paper which discusses the nature of the work of a physical therapist. The paper also discusses personality types that work with this profession, salary conditions, and a general job description. Kiersey's personality types are discussed...
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Journalism as a Profession
A 5 page paper which discusses the profession of journalism, illustrating the importance of ethics and morals, internships, pay scale, and other information pertaining to journalism. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Physicians Assistant: An Occupational Choice
A 4 page statement written from the perspective of an individual pursuing certification as a physicians assistant. Notes that even a brief review of the licensing situation in the medical profession it becomes obvious that without professional...
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Vocational Youth Organizations
9 pages in length. The history of vocational youth organizations was born out of the need to guide adolescents down a positive path toward productive career-oriented goals. Many times youths have a particular vocational desire yet no way of...
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To Think Like A Lawyer
A 6 page paper. After beginning with a bit of humor, the writer discusses how law students are taught to think. The basic question addressed is what it means "to think like a lawyer." The discussion includes four strategies to think like a lawyer....
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Advanced Nurse Practitioner
This 6 page paper defines and describes the advanced nurse practitioner (APN), including many of the responsibilities they assume. The writer also offers a description of many of the courses required to satisfy the requirements for this...
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