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Academic papers on Mathematics

Statistics: T-Ratio and the Homogeneity of Variance
5 pages in length. Identifies, definies and interprets the methods for evaluating the non-homogeneous data sets. Looks at both t-ratios and homogeneity of variance. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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The Ethics of Risk
A 5 page essay that examines Peter L. Bernstein's history of the number theory of risk, "Against the Gods," from the standpoint of the ethics of risk. The writer argues that the development of this field has led humanity on a path toward more...
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Reliability In The Context Of Measurement Error
5 pages in length. The writer discusses reliability in the context of measurement error, as well as addresses the notion of statistical significance as it applies to the evaluation of correlation coefficients used as measures of reliability. ...
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The Creative Genius of Albert Einstein
This 7 page paper look's at the character and through processes of Albert Einstein. The way in which many discoveries were only stepping stones to the next greater discovery is discussed along with the effect that his genius had on his life. The...
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Aristotle: His Contributions to Math
5 pages. One of Aristotle's greatest contributions to mankind is within the field of math. Because his philosophical believes were predicated solely on logic and syllogism, and these are mathematical in nature, it is a fact that Aristotle based...
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Issues in Mathematical Decidability
This 8 page paper looks at the definition of decidability and then answers some specific questions posed by the student to do with its use and interaction in calculus. The bibliography cites 5 sources
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The Evolution of Algebra
5 pages in length. In this paper the history of Algebra is presented and the role that it plays in mathematics today. There is also discussion on some of the mathematicians who played a key role in the advancement of Algebra as well as...
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Statistics Overview
A 5 page paper discussing the science of statistics and its use in today's environment. The study and use of statistics must be done in such a way that an accurate view results from statistical manipulation. Some statistical errors are benign...
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The History of Numbers
This 14 page report discusses the ways in which humanity has developed numerical systems corresponds to the ways that the human species also developed. As human thinking grew in complexity, so did the application of numbers and the...
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A four page paper which looks at methods of statistical analysis in terms of parametric and non-parametric tests and demonstrates analysis of a statistical question using Spearman
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Pythagoras Theorem and Pythagoras Triples
This 10 page paper explain these theories, giving examples of the formulas as well as the way in which they can be used and proven. The paper includes different illustrations to prove the theories. The bibliography cites 6 sources.
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Newton and Leibniz
In this 7 page paper we look at how both of these men can be seen as the founders of calculus. The paper considers their ideas and the ways in which they were similar was well as the controversy over the publishing of these ideas. The bibliography...
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Consumer Time: Market Time, Non-Market Time, and Leisure
A 10 page paper which discusses how rational consumers allocate their time between market time, non-market time, and leisure time. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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Venn Diagrams and their Use of Boole's Algebra
This 5 page paper examines the simple Venn diagrams represented by overlapping circles and considers how these may be seen as a visual representation of some of the logical ideas of Boole. The bibliography cites 2 sources.
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Linear Transformation On Upper Triangular Matrix
This 6 page paper considers this complex subject, first defining both linear transformation and upper triangular matrices, going on to look at the preserving elements with sub sections on inertia-preservers, idempotent preservers and commutativity...
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