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George Gershwin -- In His Own Write
A 6 page creative essay on Gershwin's life in musical theater, told creatively from his own point of view. Two books are cited as references.
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Steamers - The 'Perfect' Jazz Caf
A 5 page analysis of the music heard at a small jazz caf
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The Theater is Life
3 pages in length. A creatively-written essay on how art imitates life and how life, in turn, imitates art. The writer analyzes the elements of a typical play : director, script, stage, etc;-- and makes thoughtful analogies comparing them each to...
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Why I Want to Fly
The writers own 10 page, personal discussion outlining the reasons they wish to continue the pursuit of a career in flying. Very creatively-written. 4 sources are listed in bibliography to back-up several points made.
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The Grass-Rider
A 3 page creative essay describing how a new kid in the neighborhood tries to learn to ride a bike to make friends, but learns there are other ways to fit in. No sources cited.
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Personal Essay / Spiritual Experience
A 2 page personal opinion on the loss of faith caused by a life event. The writer generically discusses a need to attend a social gathering filled with people of faith for support. No additional sources cited.
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Dogs & Men / Compare and Contrast
5 pages in length. Men have been compared with a number of animals to describe the various and sundry characteristics they display. Found high on this list of nature's creatures connected with a male's less than reputable side are the skunk, rat,...
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My Love, My Life
A 4 page paper which is actually a letter. It is a love letter from a man to a woman apologizing for the broken promises and immature domineering attitude that the man has shown to the woman. This letter is for the man with only one more chance to...
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Why buy a franchise
A 3 page essay on the reasons one should buy a franchise to start a business. The writer will show that it is harder for a business to survive that is starting from scratch. No additional sources cited.
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'I Don't Have Time To Read Novels!': The Businessperson's Lament
A 4 page essay on why it is important for businesspeople to read creative literature. The essay argues that an appreciation for literature expands cultural horizons, deepens understanding of human behavior, allows the reader to engage in creative...
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Fund Raising / Softball
A 5 page essay discussing the need for fund raising activities to purchase softball equipment for a new team. Rather than the worn-out approaches of selling candy and having car washes, the writer offers two more creative fund-raising events. Costs...
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Model In Creative Writing / 'Mr. Calvesina Goes Home'
A short, 4 page story featuring a character study. The topic sentence of every paragraph is underlined to provide for an excellent model, except for those few paragraphs that are primarily dialogue.
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Carrying the Groceries
A 4 page essay based on a fictional character outlining a specific personal trait--the trait of inaction. The writer seeks to reflect an ephiphany of personal understanding and to effect a change.
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'The Day I Learned to Recognize People Of The Opposite Sex As Equals'
This 5 page essay recounts the fictional story of a boy discovering that girls could be 'real' people, too. He even discovers that they can do some things as well as he can . . . and better.
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Character Personal Trait / Creative Writing
A 4 page paper that provides an overview of a character consumed by his own anger. The writer presents a characterization developed on a single personal trait presented in the first paragraph.
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