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Academic papers on Western Civilization

Caius Julius Caesar Germanicus
A 7 page paper discussing Lord Acton's famous quote, "Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely," in relation to Caius Julius Caesar Germanicus. The writer analyzes his reign and puts forth the theory that he exemplified Acton's quote, as...
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Caesar Augustus
A 5 page paper discussing the life and accomplishments of Caesar Augustus, the great-nephew and successor of Julius Caesar. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Book Review / "Bloody Mary" -- Queen of England
Mary I has come down in history with the unpleasant name of "Bloody Mary" because of the religious persecutions of her reign. This 7 page paper reviews W.F.M. Prescott's book entitled "Mary Tudor" -- a text which goes into considerable detail about...
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Roman Empire / Reason for Collapse
In 5 pages, the author discusses the reason for the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was a great and powerful entity at one time. In fact, many of today's fields such as literature, law, art, and architecture were influenced by the...
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Augustus Caesar / An Overview of His Life
A 6 page overview of the life and accomplishments of Augustus Caesar. Includes his adoption by Julius Caesar, his military and societal pursuits, and the questions surrounding his death and his passage of his throne to his stepson, Tiberius. ...
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Anglo-Saxon Settlement In England
This 11 page paper examines the Anglo-Saxon settlement in England -- why they moved there, their subsequent society and culture. Particular emphasis is paid to medieval literature and its reflection of the Anglo-Saxons. Bibliography lists 8+...
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A History of Dictionaries
This 6 page paper provides an overview of the "invention" of dictionaries, their evolution over time, and their role in the development of human communication. Bibliography lists four sources.
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1600 - 1700 / Changes In Europe
A 5 page examination of the changing attitudes of people from the seventeenth century to the eighteenth century in Europe. Discusses the quest for new answers and the willingness of people to make decisions simply based on their own needs and...
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(The) Etruscans
An 11 page report on the history, politics, economics, language, and art of the Etruscans - members of an ancient Western Civilization that flourished during the 1st millennium B.C. Bibliography lists 7+ sources.
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(The) Black Death in Europe
An 8 page paper on the social and political occurrence and consequence of the Black Death (the bubonic plague) in Europe. The writer discusses various relevant issues including the art which resulted from the devastation and even the persecution of...
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Changes In European Social Groups, Economics, & Religions From 800-1400 AD
This brief, 3 page essay looks at changes that swept the entire cultural fabric of Europe in the Middle Ages. Bibliography lists two sources.
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Cleopatra, Myth and Reality
A 9 page research paper which explores the myths surrounding the famous queen. The writer's demonstrates how Cleopatra was first, the victim of Roman propaganda; and then, the victim of 2,000 years of male-oriented prejudice. The paper includes a...
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Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages / Book Review
5 page review and discussion of the book 'The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages,' by Robert S. Lopez. Book describes changes (mostly economic) during the Middle Ages and surrounding periods in Europe. Excellent for those studying courses...
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Cornelius Tacitus As Impartial Historian
A 4 page paper discussing the bias of Cornelius Tacitus displayed in The Annals of the Roman Empire. Bibliography lists 1 source.
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Developments Preceding the European Industrial Revolution
A 5 page survey of the major developments that lead to the European Industrial Revolution. Writer traces major religious, political and economic developments from 1100 A.D. up through the Eighteenth century. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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