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Academic papers on Theories & Theorists

The Realist Theory and the Persian Gulf War of 1991
This ten page paper presents an overview of the realist theory and how it relates to The Persian Gulf War of 1991. Bibliography lists eight sources.
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Brave New World's Savage Reservation:
(5 pp) Real power is in the hands of ten World Controllers, who exercise rigid control at all levels to maintain their ideals: conditioning everyone to think alike, banning natural births, and handing out the tranquilizer soma to those...
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Hegel: "
(5 pp) Discussion concerning the statement: The sole thought which philosophy brings to the treatment of history is the simple concept of reason Reason is the law of the world and that, therefore, in world history, things have come about...
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Axiology: The Question of Ultimate Value
(5pp) We as humans always claim that we are concerned with values. Largely this centers around the "value" of things, or the "best value" in relationship to cost, time and energy. German theorist Robert S. Hartman took the concept of...
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Plato and Theatetus: Wax On-Wax Off
(5 pp) In Theatetus (lines 188-196) ,Plato attempts to explain how we can arrive at false decisions, he labels these false thinking strategies as "false judgments." But before we know, which judgments are false, or faulty, we first need to...
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"Scrambling" in Japanese Linguistics
(10pp). "Scrambling" in linguistics is examining the word order in a sentence. Meaning or understanding ay be distorted by inappropriate word order. In an analytical overview of this unique area of language studies it would appear that...
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B.F. Skinner, Wolfgang Kohler, Pythagoras, and Plato: Impacts on Education
A 5 page overview of the impact of each of these theorists on the educational process and curriculum design. This paper emphasizes that there has been an evolution over time in the way we view both the cognitive process and the educational...
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Galtung and Ruge: Values on Science
This paper explores the journalistic values of Galtung and Ruge in relationship to science. The author looks at journalistic presentation of SARS along the values of unexpectedness, relevancy, elite personification, and intensity. Bibliography lits...
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Research has shown that firstborn children are more intelligent; they set goals and are organized, making them determined, responsible high achievers (Sutter). Esping (AbA) writes that firstborns are overrepresented as Nobel Prize winners and have...
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Gang Violence: A Social Problem
In recent years, an increasing focus on aggression and the criminal expression of aggression has led to the call for a more effective assessment criteria and interventions based on an acknowledgment of a variety of factors, including the societal...
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Feminist Theory and Psychoanalysis
This is a 26 page paper which discusses psychoanalytical feminist theories. Some comparisons are discussed with reference to the novel-The Name of the Rose. The bibliography has 9 sources.
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Logical Fallacies: Glenn Beck on Global Warming
This 3 page paper provides an overview of a radio show by Glenn Beck on global warming, and points out the logical fallacies. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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