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Academic papers on Technology & Society - Modern Issues

Neil Postman/ "Technopoly"
A 3 page research paper that analyzes the main thesis of Neil Postman in his book "Technopoly." In this text, Postman asserts that the "thought world" of technology has taken over and threatens the cultural basis for our society, The writer argues...
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Feedwater Heaters
The feedwater heating element is an important component of the generating system of a hydro-electric plant. This 5 page paper gives a brief overview of the feedwater heating system as it pertains to the heat rate. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Implications of New Technologies and Media Freedom
(7 pp) We like to believe that when something different or new occurs, there will be some sort of "improvement." So with the advance of technology, the speed of the information highway, the information revolution, and the internet, we might guess...
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Military And Industrial Use Of Robots
For any who have endured the history of robots on television, the possibility of artificial intelligence in conjunction with the needs of society is very real. This 8 page paper argues that the value of robots for both military and industrial...
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An Investigation Into the L'Ambiance Plaza Disaster
This 4 page paper examines this Connecticut building collapse and implications for lift-slab construction. Several possible causes are examined. The lift-slab model is the focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Robotics And Social Issues
This 6 page paper begins with an brief introduction to robots, the definition and criteria to be named a robot. The writer then provides a brief history of robots and robotics, beginning with the first mechanical bird invented in 350 BC. The next...
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The CD Players Reading Ability
This four-page-paper gives a solid and understandable explanation as to how Compact Disc Players read the material on the CD and produce sound, or visuals. Bibliography lists three sources.
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The Making of An Icon; Steve Jobs of Apple Computers
This five-page-paper gives a detailed overview of the life and business of Apple Computer, Inc founding father and current CEO Steve Jobs. His life, the company's start and its save by the banished founder are all discussed. Bibliography lists nine...
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Internet Censorship in Foreign Countries
This 5-page paper discusses internet censorship in foreign countries and the ethical quandary U.S.-based companies have for installing firewalls in other countries. There are 4 sources cited.
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Kitchen Display System
This 2.5-page paper discusses how kitchen display systems are used and how they can be used in the future. There is 1 source cited.
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This 2.5-page paper discusses API's as well as the basic limitation of APIs. It also analyzes function blocks and widgets in terms of programming functions. There are 3 sources cited.
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Insider Threats
This 8-page paper discusses insider threats from employees and clients in banks worldwide and how banks are trying to build awareness and figh to eliminate it. There are 5 sources cited.
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Privacy and the Internet
This 3-page paper discusses privacy and the internet and whether people are truly protected with the laws in place. There are 4 sources cited.
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