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Academic papers on Shakespeare

Problems in Antony & Cleopatra
An 8 page critique of Shakespeare's 'Antony & Cleopatra.' The writer posits that many conceptual problems run throughout the play and that 'Shakespeare's thematic message is never made clear in the end to its poorly constructed action.' Bibliography...
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Antony and Cleopatra / Examined
A 5 page essay about the Shakespeare play, Antony and Cleopatra. The writer explores the ways later writers rewrote the play to suit their times.
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Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra' / Opposition of Values
A 3 page paper looking at the dramatic oppositions presented in the contrast of Egypt with Rome, Cleopatra with Octavius, in Shakespeare's play. The paper observes that in the play's resolution, Shakespeare is able to meld Rome's sense of order with...
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The Tragedy Of Antony And Cleopatra, Act 5, Scene 2
In 3 pages, the author analyzes in detail the soliloquy of Cleopatra when she is speaking to Dolabella Act 5, Scene 2 of "The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra" by William Shakespeare. The importance of the lines in relation to the theme of the play,...
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Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' / Marriage of Celia & Oliver
This 5 page paper considers the marriage of Celia to Oliver as a symbol of redemption and reunification and initiates the return of the family of Sir Rowland de Boys to favor in the Court of the Duke as the theme of marriage serves to reunify Duke...
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'As You Like It' / Character Analysis of Rosalind
This 5 page paper discusses the characterization of Rosalind in Shakespeare's comedy. The writer argues that Rosalind is essentially "the star" of the play. She is, in many ways, centuries ahead of her time; she's bright, innovative, mischievous,...
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'As You Like It' / More Than A Pastoral
A 6 page paper discussing Shakespeare's play in the context of the Elizabethan pastoral tradition. The writer concludes that 'As You Like It' is very much a pastoral play, yet it adds a significant amount of psychological depth not present in most...
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'Comedy Of Errors'
A 17 page paper discussing the characters in Shakespeare's 'Comedy of Errors.' The main focus is on the importance of the entering and the exiting of the many characters. In examining the play from this perspective it becomes obvious that some of...
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Tragedy in "The Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare
In 5 pages the author discusses the element of tragedy in "The Comedy of Errors" by William Shakespeare. All is not as it seems in Ephesus. Are all of the townspeople mad or is there a reason for their confusion? This is a play about familial...
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Comic Relief in Hamlet
A 6 page paper in which the writer identifies several comic scenes in Hamlet, demonstrates how Shakespeare was able to weave humor into this very heavy play, and discusses what this interplay of humor and melancholy says about Shakespeare's own...
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Hamlet and the Dramatic Structure
A 9 page paper which first defines the classic dramatic structure and then demonstrates how Shakespeare's Hamlet fits the pattern. After discussing what type of action belongs in each phase of the dramatic structure -- setup, complication, climax,...
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'To Be or Not to Be' / Hamlet's Most Revealing Soliloquy
A 4 page essay on the famous speech and its relationship to Hamlet's actions throughout the play. The writer details the similarities to other sentiments expressed by Hamlet, the words and images themselves, and the character traits that Hamlet...
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Hamlet's 'To Be or Not to Be' / Lines Analyzed
This 5 page research paper examines the opening lines of Hamlet's famous soliloquy, 'To Be or Not to Be' to determine why those particular words are featured in Shakespeare's play. Specifically discussed are what the impact of this phrase on the...
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Hamlet & Ophelia /
A 4 page paper analyzing the strange conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia right after his famous soliloquy. It shows how he is no longer seeing Ophelia as the girl he courted but as a representative of the female sex -- of which his treacherous...
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The Character of Ophelia and the Function She Serves in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
A 5 page paper which examines the characterization of Ophelia as the innocent victim who has become a pawn in games of madness and revenge in William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet, specifically concentrating on Act II, Scene ii and Act III, Scene i.
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