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Academic papers on Psychology

Agoraphobia / Is it All in the Mind ?
5 pages discussing the symptoms, causes, possible hereditary factors etc; of this particular panic disorder. Bibliography lists 5 scholarly sources.
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Agoraphobia And Its Effect On Family And Friends
A 5 page paper that explains agoraphobia and the incidence of this illness. The effects on family and friends are discussed. One table illustrates the incidence of disorders in children of agoraphobic parents compared to children of not agoraphobic...
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This 10 page paper describes the different categories of agnosia. This is a condition that can affect any of the five senses and, in general, results in a dissociation between the sensory stimulus and the associative memory related to that stimulus....
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Panic Disorder / Etiology & Treatment
A 7 page research paper investigating the symptoms, causes, and treatments for panic disorder, an illness that strikes nearly 1 in every 50 Americans. While all people suffer through the anxieties and stresses of everyday life, the victim of panic...
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A 5 page discussion of an article which researches claustrophobia. The article is titled 'A Dimensional Analysis of Claustrophobia.,' by Febbraro, G.A.R.; Clum, G.A.. and appeared in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment,...
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Analytic Treatment & Anxiety Disorders
A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the application of analytic treatment for DSM-IV designated anxiety disorders, then considers the effectiveness of this treatment option for children in comparison to cognitive and behavioral treatments. ...
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Repressed Memories / True Or False?
A 12 page paper that explores the controversy of repressed memories and the recalled memory therapy that brings repressed memory to the conscious mind. Thousands of cases of adults 'recalling' traumatic events, usually sexual abuse as children have...
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The Addictive Personality
A 3 page paper discussing the book by Craig Nakken (Hazelden Foundation, 1996). The paper briefly discusses the compulsive personality and the addictive process, which is characterized by beginning as a dependency. That dependency turns into a...
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Sexual Addiction
This 8 page paper looks at the concept of sexual addiction. Definitions are derived from twelve step groups and therapists. The controversy involving the existence of such a syndrome is also included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Antisocial Personality Disorder
A 6 page paper discussing different aspects of antisocial personality disorder. This disorder is confused with psychopathy and has been variously referred to as the psychopathic or sociopathic personality. Antisocial behaviors are not the same thing...
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Predicting Antisocial Behavior
This 5 page paper provides a critique of a research study that focused on predicting antisocial behavior. The longitudinal study included more than 1,000 boys ages six and seven at the beginning of the study. Various measures were used to determine...
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Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)
This is a 6 page analytical research study that examines aspects of PPD (pervasive developmental disorder) pursuant to a discussion on the efficability of a study to determine the significance in the amount of misdiagnosed autistic adults and the...
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Amnesia / Types & Causes
A 12 page paper describing the different types of amnesia and brain conditions that cause the condition. A section describing the how the brain and memory work. Separate sections illustrating different causes are included. These sections consist of...
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Mild Mental Retardation / Public Debate & Current Classification Terminology
In 1992, the AAMR (American Association of Mental Retardation, offered a descriptor for the designation of mental retardation not based in previous perceptions of mental incompetence, but instead outlining specific limitations in terms of general...
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A comprehensive 6 page overview of autism. Paper includes history, symptoms, psychosocial characteristics, theories, research, treatment, etc; A well-referenced bibliography lists more than 15 scholarly sources.
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