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Academic papers on Other Ancient Civilizations

The Late Ottoman Empire and Legitimacy
A 6 page research paper that examines the efforts of the last of the Ottoman sultans to save their failing empire. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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Agatha Christie
This 12 page report discusses
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The Peloponnesian War
(5 pp) During this period of Greek history we might be reminded of a large and boisterous family, that is comfortable fighting among themselves, but will unite against a common enemy. Persia was that common enemy for the Greeks. Once the...
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Chiera's They Wrote On Clay
Edward Chiera is an archeologist. His area of study can be said to focus on the ancient Babylonian culture and, specifically, the manner and subjects of the records made by the ancient Babylonians. This 5 page paper provides a limited summary...
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The Siege of Constantinople
A 5-page paper on the battle that signaled the end of the Byzantine Empire and the Middle Ages. Included are discussions of the issues and personalities involved, the technologies and strategies used and its lasting effect on the modern world....
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This 8 page paper examines Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, as well as their leadership roles during the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. The paper also describes Egypt through these periods.
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Pyramid construction
An eight page paper which looks at methods of investigating the validity of primitive construction and building methods, with particular reference to the Egyptian Pyramids and several current theories as to how they might have been built....
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The Meaning of Civilization and the Political, Economic, and Social Realities of Ancient Egypt
This 5 page report discusses the meaning of civilization in terms of how it comes to be and what it means when ancient people came together to form political, social, and economic systems and alliances. Ancient Egypt is discussed. Bibliography...
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This 4 page paper discusses the influence of Akbar the Great on the development and modern National Indian Identity. Examples given. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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