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Career In Hotel Management
In this 3 page essay, the writer describes the job and traits of a successful hotel manager and then presents reasons why (s)he believes that they will excel in this profession.
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Robert Frost's 'Out, Out' / Brief Discussion
1 page on theme, imagery, and poetic verse in Robert Frost's 'Out, Out.' The writer finds this particular work to be unusually literal in light of Frost's other works. No Bibliography.
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Rodin's "The Kiss"
A 5 page research paper that explores Rodin's work from the viewpoint of aesthetics, form, and passion. The writer also explores his work in terms of the period in which it appeared, criticism received, past and present, and how ultimately, his...
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Gender and Class as Represented in "Now, Voyager" and "My Darling Clementine"
A 10 page paper which examines how gender and class are used to construct the meanings of the film melodramas "Now, Voyager" (1942) and "My Darling Clementine" (1946). Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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Success in Two Poems of Robinson and Dickinson
A 6 page essay analyzing a poem by Emily Dickinson, namely 'Success is Counted Sweetest,' and a poem by Edwin Robinson, named 'Richard Cory.' It gives an overview of what constitutes success and what each writer constitutes as success. ...
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Accounting for the Economic Contribution of Women Outside the Formal Workforce
A 5 page paper discussing conditions and situations to consider in studying the nonpaid economic contributions in providing goods and services to family and community. Women outside the formal workforce have contribution to make and so provide...
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The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor
5 pages in length. The author discusses the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and why this was ultimately more detrimental to Japan than it was to the United States. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Long-Term Effect of World War II on America
This 5 page paper very briefly discusses the impact of World War II on America for more than fifty years. Between 1945 and 1998, the ramifications of World War II can still be felt and have, in fact, become just another aspect of life in modern...
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Executive Nursing
A 9 page paper which discusses various concerns of the executive nurse in our health community. The medical and health industries are changing very rapidly as we enter into a new century. The role of the executive nurse is therefor changing just...
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The Language of Accountants Keeps Them In Business
A 7 page paper discussing how the unique language and jargon of the accounting profession assures that only accountants know accounting. This paper looks at how that keeps accountants in business. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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The New Finance / The Case Against Efficient Markets
A 5 page examination of the investment strategies outlined in The New Finance: The Case Against Efficient Markets, a book by Robert Haugen. Includes information on his concept of the "inefficient market" and "super stocks." No additional sources...
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The Privilege of Leadership
A 1 page essay examining aspects of "earning" leadership. The writer explores and gives examples of what definitively constitutes a good leader.
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Request for Severance Package
A 5 page paper which presents an example of a request for a severance package from a particular company after having been employed for 15 years in a middle-management position. No sources cited.
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Defining Stocks and Bonds: Help for Beginning Investors
5 pages in length. Defines the difference between stocks and bonds and gives tips to looking after investments for a profitable retirement.
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The Problems of Northern Ireland
This 12 page paper considers the political and religious problems faced in Northern Ireland. The history that has lead to the current troubles is considered so the reader may put the present into context. The peace talks are also discussed. The...
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