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The Early History of Modern Medicine
A 6 page research paper that analyzes Dr. Erwin H. Ackerknecht's book Medicine at the Paris Hospital, 1794-1848. This book gives a fascinating account of the development of early modern medicine focusing on the innovative practices that were first...
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Going into the 21st Century
A 6 page paper discussing some of the subjects that will be of great concern as we move into the 21st century. The three subjects addressed herein are technology, medicine, and international relations. Each of these three areas of concern are of...
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Article Review / Estimating the Tumoral Half-life of Fluorouracil
5 page explication of a 1994 journal article in which the authors assess the association of intratumoral pharmacokinetics of fluorouracil with clinical response. Built upon was existing research which had established that In-vivo flouring-19 nuclear...
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Article Review / Dementia as an Epidemiologic Issue
4 page review of a Lancet article in which the author posits that certain forms of dementia may be an epidemiologic issue among senior citizens. Advances in neuroimaging techniques of the brain are among the many breakthroughs discussed in this...
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Article Review / Interferon as an Impediment to the Progress of Hepatitis
3 page review of a Lancet article which examines experimental uses of interferon as a treatment in cases of chronic hepatitis C (clinically called 'Poynard') and also in cases of HCV cirrhosis (clinically called 'Nishiguchi'). Full bibliographic...
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Hemophilia and Genetics
A comprehensive 5 page discussion of hemophilia and its genetic predictability. The disease and its symptoms are defined. Also discussed are modes of transmission, occurrence, and treatment. Some mention of the disease's history is included as well....
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Use Of Heparin Flushes To Maintain IVs
This 5 page paper analyzes the controversy surrounding the use of the heparin flush. Two articles which look at the medical dilemma are compared and contrasted. No other sources are cited.
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Contribution of Legionella pneumophilia's Natural Environment to its Pathogenesis Ability
A 6 page paper discussing the manner in which this organism's method of survival in nature contributes to its pathogenicity. L. pneumophilia is absolutely an aerobic bacterium. It favors the environment of water where there is the presence also of...
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Determining Listeria monocytogenes Kill Curves
A 5 page paper describing an experiment designed to result in kill curves for Listeria monocytogenes in orange juice when treated with heat. L. monocytogenes is a relatively rare but potentially deadly food-borne contaminant and is resistant not...
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Pseudomonas aeruginosa Genetic Defects and Epithelial Uptake
An 8 page paper discussing the inability of genetically defective P. aeruginosa to successfully invade epithelial cells. A disturbing development of recent years is that many of the old standby antibiotics are no longer having sufficient effect on...
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Residual Antibiotic Contamination in Milk
A 15 page paper discussing the origins and elimination of detectable levels of antibiotics in commercially-produced milk. Much antibiotic treatment in dairy cows is for varying forms of mastitis, some of which will run its course and then...
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Superantigens in Disease
A 6 page paper discussing the mechanisms through which superantigens operate. Antigens and superantigens are protein substances produced by viruses and bacteria that trigger the body's immune system into action. That immune system can degrade most...
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Amino Acids
5 page overview of amino acids, the basic building blocks of proteins, hormones, and enzymes. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
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G Protein Function
A 5 page paper discussing the function of G proteins, with an emphasis in GTPase and G protein receptor sites. G proteins have been found to be involved in a vast number of processes involving hormonal and drug therapy activity and are extensively...
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Gene Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis
A 5 page paper discussing the status of gene therapy for the treatment or prevention of cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the gene encoding the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance...
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