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Housing Organization Report
In 9 pages, the author develops a housing organization report showing an understanding of motivation and leadership theories. No sources are cited.
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Barbados: The Geography, Economy and People
8 pages in length. All about Barbados, the geography, culture and facts of this island colony. Includes statistics on population and information on relocating to the island for permanent living. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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The City That Welcomes the World
This five-page paper provides an inside look at the city of Kiev, Ukraine. The sights, sounds and smells of the new tourist attraction are described in detail. Bibliography lists four sources.
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The Prospect of Territorial Settlement in Cyprus
This 14 page paper considers the situation and search for peace in Cyprus over the past five years. The influence and attempts of the United Nations, the G8 countries and the European Union are all considered with the final factor being the natural...
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A Name Not Easily Forgotten
This five page paper presents a dicussion into the life and motivation of Dolores Huerta. Bibliography lists four sources.
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Quality Management Of Long Term Care
A 15 page paper. The health care system in this country has been under scrutiny for many years. More recently, managed health care programs have been highly criticized for their lack of quality services. Long term care presents an even more complex...
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The Benefits of Genetic Engineering
(8pp) Have you ever wondered how we as humans have managed to make any progress at all? With any major development there are nay-sayers, or those who know that latest invention will not only derail the future of the world, but also the...
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Children in Poverty.
(10pp) Supposedly during the Regan years, a story circulated that Regan told on himself. "We declared war on poverty", the President said. "And poverty won!" A funny story perhaps, if it wasn't so true. Politicians will tell us that due...
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Teenage Pregnancy and Choice of Abortion: Multiplied Risks
(4 pp). Pregnancy in the teenage years is of particular high risk to the mom, to the baby and to the family unit. This discussion will add even more data to that already high risk area. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Water cousins: Fluorine and Fluoride
( 5 pp.) One of the "stories" that was associated with the Cold War, long ago and far away, was that those sneaky Communists were going to put fluoride in the water and destroy us all. I thought the issue had collapsed with the Berlin...
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A Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Multi-Dimensional Problem of Child Abuse
This 60 page report discusses the existence of child abuse in the 21st century and suggests a research study related to home visitation intervention for the prevention of such abuse. A statement of the problem, its history, a literature review,...
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Voluntary vs Mandatory Screening of HIV During Pregnancy
(8 pp) Whether society has determined it is in the best interest of the pregnant mother or the vulnerable infant, discussion is now pending concerning the need of mandatory or voluntary screening of HIV during pregnancy. The author will...
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The Use Of Acupuncture In Pain Management
Acupuncture is becoming a popular treatment for pain management. This 5 page paper argues that popularity of acupuncture is based on its effectiveness, however; its continued use by those in the international medical community is based on the...
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Terminally Ill Adolescents
The causes of death in children are substantially different from the causes of death in adults. This 5 page paper examines two articles specific to research being done with terminally ill adolescents. The first article focuses on the...
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Workplace Violence and Nurses
This 18 page report is a literature review of works pertaining to the incidence of workplace violence and its impact on nurses and what measures can be taken into consideration regarding including an educational component in the nursing...
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