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Academic papers on Economics And Economic Theory

Dilemmas of the High-Tech Labor Market
An 11 page paper discussing the problems organizations face in filling their high tech labor needs. Unemployment in the late 1990s has reached its lowest point in 28 years. It is difficult for any employer to find the right people to fill...
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Charles Handy/Age of Paradox
A 10 page research paper that analyzes Handy's book, The Age of Paradox. Handy's predictions on trends in business and management have been unfailingly accurate and, consequently, the corporate world is beginning to pay attention to what Handy has...
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The 1929 Stock Market Crash
A 5 page research paper on the 1929 stock market crash. The writer recounts how the nation was told, up until the crash actually occurred, that everything was all right. The details of the crash are given, along with a brief synopsis of where the...
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Stages of Production
5 pages in length. An economic paper covering the stages of production as well as average costs, marginal costs, average revenues, marginal revenues and charts and graphs. The changing relationship between input and output can also be described as...
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Analysis of a Flat Tax Proposal for the UK
This 5 page paper looks at how a flat tax system might affect the UK. Special attention is paid to the effect such a system would have on social programs. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Lessons From the Tiger Economies
This 5 page paper looks at the role of government intervention in the U.S. economy by using the tiger economies as examples. Singapore and Taiwan are highlighted. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Social Changes as a Result of E-commerce
This 7 page example editorial delves into the ramifications of e-commerce. Several points are made but an emphasis is placed on the way technology has changed daily life for most people. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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The Realities of Feminist Economics
This 25 page report discusses various aspects of feminist economics and argues that masculine methodological forms and parameters imposed on economic theory and the control stance have kept economists and the science of economics from considering...
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The World Trade Organization Effects On The World:
This 21 -page-paper presents a detailed and in-depth discussion on the World Trade Organization. It opens with a history of how the WTO began and details the historical events that preceded its inception. It then moves into detailed descriptions...
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The Labor Movement of the 21st Century
This 6 page paper provides an overview of the issues related to the labor developments in the past 30 years, and relates the issues of past labor movements to the future of labor developments in the emerging global economy. This paper considers...
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Macroeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic theory proposes to explain the relationship between government policy, spending and maintenance of a federal budget and the market economic system as a whole. This 5 page paper gives a brief overview of a few macroeconomic...
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Mass Customization - The Return of Individuality to an Automated Age
A 5 page paper that defines the concept of mass customization and outlines the benefits that can be gained through the utilization of this innovative marketing strategy as well as the framework that guides its design, development, and...
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The Gross Domestic Product -- the Best Indicator of Economic Activity
This 5 page report discusses the gross domestic product (GDP) of an economy and explains how is serves as one of the best possible measures of a nation
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The Business Environment in Costa Rica
This 7 page paper provides an overview of the country and a look at the business environment. Several issues are raised including scandals to erupt from the region. The economic stability of Costa Rica is discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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US Defense Budget Questions.
(5pp)With the Unites States Department of Defense marching forward into a new century, President Clinton's fiscal year 2001 Federal Budget request sent to Congress in February 2000, proposes a record spending request level of $1.83...
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