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Academic papers on Business - Management

Henry Ford & Automobile Production
This 8 page paper discusses Ford's implementation of mass production and the effect that change had on both Ford's company and the society. Topics discussed include an overview of Ford's Model A and Model T, Ford's use of an automatic conveyor belt...
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Corporate Manager Selection
An 8 page paper discussing changing managerial qualifications in the corporate setting. There is an increasing trend of corporate focus on that individual best able to maintain balance between work and his personal life. The old workaholic syndrome...
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The Role Of The Supervisor In The Twentieth Century
A 10 page paper in which the writer thoughtfully demonstrates how rapid advances in technology and tremendous social changes affecting the business world have changed the way the supervisor functions from the onset of the industrial revolution to...
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Methods Of Effective Supervision In Current Industries
A 5 page paper illustrating some programs implemented by industries to better both the moral and success of the corporations. Bibliography lists several sources.
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The Role of Middle Management in Corporate America
A 12 page paper discussing middle managers in the corporate world - their role in the past as compared to the present and speculation about the future for middle managers. The concept of corporate culture and the impact of different types of culture...
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Management and Management Science / Features and Elements
This 7 page research paper explores different aspects of management in today's world. Included are discussions on TQM, Motivation, SWOT, and the need for Diversity Training. While these topics represent only a fraction of the whole of management...
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Improving Organizational Communications
A 6 page paper portraying a communications consultant's report to the senior management at ABC Corporation of the state of communications he has discovered within their organization at their request. He has found the company to have effective...
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Interacting With Customers
A 4 page paper discussing today's realities of customer relations. Today's customers have myriad options and finally have regained their rightful position as the only reason for any business to exist. It is up to the organization to serve that...
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Employee Compensation
5 pages in length. Employee compensation is a significant determinant when people decide where they are going to work. In 1996 alone, the percentage of total employee compensation was at twenty-eight point one, one and a half percent higher than in...
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Compensation & Employee Motivation
11 pages in length. An in-depth discussion of employee needs and how to obtain a mutually-satisfactory working environment through more effective methods of compensation. The writer discusses the importance of motivation to employees, Maslow's...
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Management & Motivation
A 5 page paper on different ways to motivate workers so that they want to be hired, stay with the company, or do a better job. Sometimes motivating the workers means changing things at the job site and sometimes it means that the management should...
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Benchmarking / Base Salary To Base Plus
A 10 page research paper that looks at the question of how to change the compensation plan for sales people from salary to base commission. The benchmarking approach is taken to investigate what other companies are doing and then to make a...
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Implementing Change In The Non Profit Organization
A 5 page paper discussing re-engineering as it applies to the non profit organization. "Change" has been refined over the past few years to first include Total Quality Management (TQM), then simply "re-engineering," then a refinement to a process...
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Applied Motivational Theory
An 11 page paper discussing the theory behind motivating employees. Following a decade of downsizing, cost cutting and merging, more and more businesses look for ways to give their employees what they want. Too many companies believe that employee...
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Hotel Staff Motivation
A 20 page paper discussing employee motivation in the hotel industry. The hotel business, along with every other type of business in the country, has attempted for some time to implement industry-wide quality assurance programs in order to provide...
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